Melanzane Guru

Melanzane Guru arose in pursuit of an utterly delectable gluten-free & carb-free meal. Once discovered, the dish established itself as a family favourite and was subject to considerable experimentation searching for the ultimate ingredient combination that delivered the most memorable flavour. This blend is the foundation from which we create our unforgettable dishes.

Our origins are in African safari and hospitality. When Covid ravaged the travel industry, we pivoted towards other opportunities and as many people did, towards spending more time in the kitchen. One thing led to another, and we decided to see if others loved our creation as much as we did, and six months, and 2500 meals later, it’s an astonishing success!

At Melanzane Guru, we believe in doing one thing, really well, and to that end, we only produce a modest selection of the best Melanzane Parmigiana inspired meals you’ll find.

Melanzane Classic

Chef: Melanzane Guru

Melanzane Met Vleish

Chef: Melanzane Guru