Welcome to ReadyChef! We bring you tasty and nutritious meals made by professional chefs in their own kitchens, delivered straight to yours. Using the best quality produce and frozen to lock in flavour and goodness, you simply heat and serve. Are you ready chef?

Best of Meal Bundles

What Our Customers Say...

“My hectic workdays are ending much more peacefully now thanks to ReadyChef. The hero dish comes out of the freezer and into the oven, giving me a quick, easy, delicious supper solution. Every meal so far has been yummy and the wide variety of choice keeps things interesting. Great food. Great service. Great overall experience.”

- Janle Biggs

“ReadyChef is such a find! Absolutely delicious frozen meals were ordered and delivered efficiently and professionally packaged in a cooler box. My family was super impressed and I will be ordering again soon.”

- Lauren Ratcliffe

“It’s lovely to always have a few home cooked meals as a back-up in the freezer.”

- Clare Anderson

“I would highly recommend ReadyChef. There are so many amazing meals to choose from, packed with yummy goodness. But best of all is the pure convenience and efficiency – from ordering, delivery to dishing up restaurant quality meals for my family. I’m a happy customer with a happy family. Definitely worth a try”

- Rachelle Tilney

Why Customers Choose ReadyChef!

Variety is the spice of life.

After a while, eating the same meals on rotation bring boredom more than comfort. With ReadyChef you can mix things up, even try something new every day of the week. Our massive range of chef-prepared meals allows you to explore a whole new world of food and flavour combinations. Everything from bistro classics, delicate oriental flavours to Italian, Indian or Mediterranean meals – it’s all on our menu.

Freezing pre-conceptions.

Take your pre-conceptions about frozen food and throw them in the bin. All our meals are prepared and cooked using quality ingredients that are then flash frozen. Unlike traditional freezing which can damage food, our flash-freezing technique locks in goodness and flavour. The meals can last for months in your freezer, ready to devour at your convenience, as delicious as they were the day they were cooked.

Get supper sorted for the week.

We all want to eat great food, but few of us have the of time and effort it requires. ReadyChef was cooked up with you in mind. By selecting a smorgasbord of meals you can get well ahead of a busy week. One less thing to worry about, right? What’s more, if your dinner plans change, nothing is wasted. On the other hand, if guests drop in unexpectantly you can simply take out more meals from your freezer, giving you maximum flexibility.

Chef made meals, made good.

Too many cooks? There’s no such thing at ReadyChef. We work with a host of professional chefs from your favourite local restaurants and caterers. Every chef uses the best restaurant-quality ingredients to create interesting and flavourful meals for you to enjoy at home. The best part is, you simply thaw, heat, eat and you’re done.

Easy as pie, easier in fact.

ReadyChef was created to take the hassle out of dinners. We know that work rarely keeps 9 to 5 and once you add kids, hobbies and families into the mix, you’re even more time-starved. Our meals mean that you get the delicious and nutritious dinner you want, without the shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning. With a selection of ReadyChef meals in the freezer, you’re always just 60 mins away from tucking in. Add a side salad, pot of rice or ciabatta to the mix and you’re good to go.

You choose. We chef. You eat.

That’s it. Really. Choose what ReadyChef meals you’d like to eat, and we’ll deliver them to your home or office in a refrigerated box within a few days. Every meal comes with heating instructions and is packaged in oven-proof recyclable containers, so there’s less washing up and no wasted food. It couldn’t be any easier.

About Us

ReadyChef was cooked up by people who love food but understand that not everyone has the time or skill to cook it themselves. 

Believing that no meal should be a compromise, each ReadyChef meal is made by a team of local chefs with fresh, quality ingredients. We like to think of ourselves as your trusted sous-chef – we do most of the work (and enjoy it), but you get all of the glory.

When you want help in the kitchen, we shout, “Ready Chef!” Any order from us is a chance for you to discover new family favourites or exotic meals you’d never have the gusto to cook yourself. So, what’ll it be chef?